Washington Center for Dentistry
Washington Center for Dentistry


The Washington Center for Dentistry welcomes demanding patients because we demand more of ourselves. From the most thorough hygiene visit you’ll ever have, to sophisticated implant, cosmetic and laser procedures, we always go the extra mile. As a result, people across the entire Washington region and around the world, choose us.  In fact, the Washington Post says “This practice sets the bar.” And we keep raising it—every day—for you!

Dr. Daniel Deutsch Dentist Washington DC

Dr. Daniel J. Deutsch

Washington DC Dentist Named “best dentist” for more than 20 years in Washingtonian magazine for excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Deutsch receives national acclaim for his mastery…


Dr. Peter Rinaldi

Washington DC Dentist With more than twenty years of experience in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry treatments—and having placed more than 30,000 porcelain laminate veneers—Dr. Peter Rinaldi, AAACD is highly…


Dr. Michael G. Katsaros

Washington DC Dentist Dr. Michael Katsaros is highly regarded for excellence in all aspects of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry – including crowns, veneers, implants and exquisite bondings. He also is…

Dr. Richard G. Fordjour Dentist Washington DC

Dr. Richard P. Fordjour

Washington DC Dentist Dr. Richard P. Fordjour is devoted to clinical excellence, providing treatment at the highest levels of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry — including crowns, veneers, tooth-colored restorations—and…

Real patients

"They were so thorough. It was like they were trying to catch little problems before they turned into big problems.... if they do this great a job with the routine hygiene visit, I would very much trust them for anything big that I would need to have done in the future."